Dino Minky Blankets

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FAVDINOBLANKETBEST.JPGLast week I had the awesome opportunity to sew up some Minky blanket toppers from Moon Beam Textile Company.  Sarah and Kai (and Nana!) both love dinos so it was hard to choose between the pink and the blue. Luckily, I didn’t have to!  Moon Beam incredibly sent me BOTH!


For Sarah, they sent a two yard (!) Pink Dino Blanket topper. This thing is HUGE!  I have a small travel minky blanket I made a year ago that Sarah has also enjoyed and she was excited to have one of her own (and twice as big!).  I paired it with an awesome two yard piece of rainbow stars cotton/lycra from TKB prints. The great thing about the cotton lycra backing is it is cooler on one side and not too warm or bulky for travel.  But with two yards of minky, she can still really wrap up in it if it’s cold! The tricky part of sewing minky and cotton/lycra together is the knit stretches, while the minky really doesn’t! I used sewing clips, though, and just clipped it all along all four edges and did not have any problems at all! I find that by sewing with the minky side down against my sewing machine and the knit on top, it seems to stretch less. I sew right sides together, leaving a turning opening, trim, turn and topstitch. Piece of cake!


Kai’s blanket is a much smaller baby/toddler version. It was one yard of minky and the cool part is it had the giant ROAR dino on one fat half of the minky and the coordinating dino skeletons on the other half. It was so easy to cut in half, place right sides together, clip with the sewing clips and stitch just like Sarah’s larger blanket.  But the beauty of sewing minky on minky, is almost zero stretching!  I literally serged the four sides (leaving an opening for turning), turned and topstitched. It was done before I knew it!

Sewing Clips with Tin


Sarah and Kai both LOVE their new blankets. We had the most fun taking pictures and were all laughing because Kai kept burying his face into the softness! He also wanted to take a bite of the blankets! They were a huge hit!  There are some jealous family members in the house who are already laying claim to the next minky blankets I make!


The Minky Blanket Toppers preorder is opening at Moon Beam Textile Company on July 1st!  There are lots of options other than Dinos so be sure to check them out! And there’s matching Cotton/lycra available for preorder as well!




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  1. Looks like a lot of fun going on. Love the glimpes into Kai’s life, it is fun watching his personality grow.

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