5×7 Animal Hand Puppets

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I have 1400-1500 In The Hoop embroidery machine design projects available for purchase!

I began SewingForSarah (my embroidery machine design shop) when Sarah was only 5 years old!  Over the years it has allowed me to stay home with my kiddos (Sarah is the youngest), be involved in their schools, and still support my family. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support over the past years.  Next month, Sarah graduates from High School.  She currently has her learner’s permit, her first job and she will be attending a local college next fall. How the time flies…


One of the very first sets I made for SewingForSarah which Sarah modeled for me was the 5×7 Hand Puppet set.


Download the 5×7 Animal Hand Puppet set



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