As much as I love the little fox kits, they are not the only wildlife around our house! We have foxes in the back and squirrels in the front!  This is Henrietta.


I’ve been feeding Henrietta for about three years now. She favors Almonds over everything else! Occasionally I’ll try to “healthy” up her diet by adding in a few fruits/veggies which she will eat a little of. But she loves her almonds.


Henrietta has been coming around so long now that she is pretty tame. She waits by the front porch column for me to give her some almonds, and if I’m too slow, she’ll reach in my bag to grab one herself. She’ll also happily take them from my hand directly, but sometimes grabs a fingertip instead!  She never breaks skin, but we’ve had more than one tug of war as I retrieve my finger!


On occasion, if Henrietta doesn’t find any nuts in her spot, she will come to the large picture window in front of my sewing machine and beat on the window. lol  When I look out she stands up on her hind legs and holds her hands together as if asking nicely for her lunch!


Every fall, I decorate our front porch with gourds and pumpkins which Henrietta is kind enough to leave alone… unless I forget her Almonds. Then I am greeted by pumpkin-apocalypse.


I was feeding four squirrels a few years ago, but sadly, Henrietta is the only one left. I think they have a pretty short life span in the wild, and we do have a lot of predators in the area. I think Henrietta must be a very wise squirrel!



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