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Furry Pom Poms


Today’s blanket panel was a new size for me!  I’ve sewn really large adult panels (58″x72″ish) and toddler panels (29×36″ish)), but today’s panel is a child sized panel – 36×45″! I really love this slightly larger panel as it’s sure to “fit” the kiddos a bit longer!


I received this awesome child sized blanket topper panel from Sky Love Creations.  They have the cutest blanket toppers on preorder right now as well as coordinating prints! We are big Disney fans here and anything Disney is always a hit!


Furry Pom Poms

Blanket toppers are always a super quick sew!  This child sized panel is super soft minky. I paired it with a rainbow stripe cotton/lycra backing. I love making blankets that are minky on one side and knit on the other.  The knit is always nice when it’s not quite so cool out! Sewing a blanket is super easy. I just place the two pieces right side together, trim to make sure they are even and then clip, clip, clip, clip using these sewing clips. Next I simply serge the two pieces together, leaving an opening for turning.  Turn right side out and topstitch, closing the seam opening at the same time! That’s it! So simple!


 This blanket topper panel is also available in adultsize at Sky Love Creations. Be sure to check out all the great blanket panels and prints currently on preorder!


Of course, Kai NEEDED a matching outfit for his new blanket!  I made this quick and easy All the Rage Romper pattern by Max & Meena with solid yellow and rainbow stripes from TKBPrints.  Son of the Maker added the heat press vinyl to the front for me.

Furry Pom Poms

And I absolutely LOVED the furry black pom pom “ears”. I am hooked on these furry pompoms! I bought a dozen of them in assorted colors from Amazon and they are the perfect colors! Each one has a tiny elastic loop. By sewing a button to your garment, you can quickly add the pom poms with the elastic loop and remove them when washing!

 Preorder the Straight Outa Disney blanket topper from  Sky Love Creations.

Visit Sky Love Creations’ facebook group.

  Visit TKBPrints’ facebook group.

Visit Max & Meena’s pattern site.


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