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Furry Pom Poms

I thought I was finished sewing Halloween sets for Kai for this year, but then I found this skeleton rapport from TKBPrints hiding in my stash!


This awesome fabric included 4 panels (2 skeletons and 2 Boo’s) and a half yard of the orange and black stripes.


I used a couple of my favorite patterns for this set.


The hat was a new to me pattern that just didn’t work out for Kai. It was a size 3/4 and while it fit around his head it was just too long!  I’ll try again when he is older.


For the pants, I used my old standby – the Petite Pegs by Patterns for Pirates. Kai is now in the size 12 months which is as big as they go, so I’ll need to go to a new pattern next year.

The top is my favorite, the  Max & Meena Mega Max Raglan.  I made the long sleeve version for fall and used every bit of the orange and black stripes in the process.


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Furry Pom Poms



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